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Thank you for choosing Liliana's Maison Macaron for your special day or project!


Please provide as much detail as you can in this form. I will get in touch to confirm the details and discuss the estimate. Additional information about my offerings is available below the form. For an enhanced experience, you might find it convenient to use a desktop, although the form is fully accessible on any device.


Looking forward to bringing your vision to life!

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Thank you for submitting the form. I will be in touch shortly, within 2 business days.


Bespoke Creations Box


Tell me your vision, and I will bring it to life. My artisanal baking mastery includes hand-painting, airbrushing, royal icing decorations, and various macaron shapes.


Standard prices apply to typical custom orders. Final prices may vary based on unique requirements like shapes and decoration intensity, discussed upfront.


6 macarons : $24

12 macarons: $46
24 macarons: $86
48 macarons: $168

Macaron tower with flower decorations
Macaron tower close-up

Macaron Tower


Perfect for weddings, receptions, grand openings, and any event where you want to leave a lasting impression, the Macaron Towers are more than just a treat — they're a centrepiece, a conversation starter, and a show-stopping element of celebration.

A tower can fit between 20 to 70 macarons, depending on the number of layers and macaron positioning (horizontal or vertical).
I am happy to fit your colour scheme, theme, and flavor preferences!


The price will depend on the number of flavors and decorations (both for the macarons and the tower itself. E.g. faux flowers).

A “naked” tower of 48 macarons with no extra decor with up to 6 flavors will be $150.

Additionally, a refundable deposit for the tower stand is required.

It is returned once the tower is returned to me in the same condition.

$20 for transparent tower stand

$100 for the white


Macaron Cube Cake


Introducing the exquisite Macaron Cube Cakes – a unique and elegant twist on traditional desserts. Assembled in an eye-catching cube shape, they offer both visual appeal and delectable flavors.

A typical macaron cube cake is 3x3x3 (27 pcs) and measures ~ 5 1/2”.

You can customize it with 1, 2, or 3 of your favorite flavors (1 or 2 look the most balanced).

These macarons are designed with a notably thicker filling to complement the cube shape effectively. If you prefer, you can choose the traditional, thinner filling style instead. Feel free to add a note to your order!


Final price depends on the amount of flavors and additional decor.

A cake similar to the one pictured is $90.

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